Friday, May 14, 2010


o m g...I am so disgusted with the media and who the f*ck cares about a person's sexual 'preference' (like it's really a choice?)

opened up AOL this morning and one of the flashing "headlines"...I see a pic of Alena Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee playing softball. Softball...jeezus. LIke, of course, we all know that if a woman has short hair and plays a game like softball, she's got to be (excuse the pun), pitching for the 'other' team.

The fact that this bit of information is being hashed over by the media at all is so annoying to me... Why do we need to know everything that can possibly be dug up on a person these days? we don't.

If it be true, and I don't really care one way or another, unless this would affect her judgement in her capacity as a Supreme Court Judge, it has nothing to do with the story at all. If she happened to be gay and also was what might be called a "lipstick lesbian"...what could the press show us then? A lithesome, tall blond, looking sexy at the bat, somehow might not make much fodder for the media...

When is this going to stop, if at all? Will we ever get back to just the basics, or will this go further, to the point of pics of nose-picking, booger-eaters?

enuf is enuf. How can a reasonably intelligent person weed through all the crap that is constantly being hurled at us and make a clear determination of how we really feel about something?

Not easy, takes a presence of mind and conscious effort. Most of which the average Joe does not possess or really cares to put the effort into...

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